Stonebwoy talks politics and Ghana Music Awards UK

When Stonebwoy sat down with DJ Invisible ahead of GMA UK 2016, talk quickly turned to the upcoming election in Ghana and although the musician didn’t divulge his political views directly, he had some insightful views to share. First of all, he affirmed his sincere belief that Ghana belongs to everyone, from the “

President, politicians, businessmen, footballers, and entertainers, to the ghetto youth and the hustlers.”

Despite acknowledging that many politicians enter the game to enrich themselves, he is still faithful that the peace of the nation is the number one thing on their minds. He was also quick to remind his fellow Ghanians that their destiny doesn’t just depend on politicians, and that everybody has an individual responsibility for making their lives better and building a better future for their country.

Ghana has famously been a place of peace and stability for many decades now, and Stonebwoy expressed his pride in the example that the country has provided to other African nations. He finished up by imploring his compatriots to make this election even more peaceful than the last, and to come together with brotherly love for one another no matter what the result on December 7th.

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