We provide production facilities for a wide range of broadcasters and production companies creating high quality, entertaining and dynamic content. We love what we do and are committed to providing bespoke solutions and a personal service with exactly the right kit and crew for the job.


We work with local and national organisations along with public sector bodies.From working with Higher education organisations to local borough councils, NATV has an interest in making films for the public sector within the UK and abroad.


With event videos, you can capture the essence of what you do, by Filming one of your events and creating a great video for this who couldn’t too.


Here at the NATV, we pride ourselves in creative concept development, delivery, and execution. We bring life to the imagination and never skip a beat when it comes to producing jaw-dropping entertainment. Nothing is impossible.


They say music is the fruit of the soul and almost every time we find ourselves drawn to music. Our love for music allows us to appreciate and approach projects in this field with different perspectives.

Libyan Anti Slave Trade Protest

On the 9th of December 2017, We marched along our fellow brothers and sisters in solidarity against the slavery and unlawful treatment of our fellows in Libya. This march led us to the Libyan Embassy organised by African Lives Matter

December 9, 2017

Music Video - OluDre Kiss me

Fuji HipHop Crooner OLUDRE the Ibadan Boi drops the music video for his cool fuji rhythm and blues hit single, KISS ME.

Produced and directed by the New African TV team

December 8, 2017

Ghana meets Naija UK 17

As the hype and excitment grew for this event, we were present to welcome shatta as he arrive in London, Heathrow on the day of the show.

August 25, 2017

Kakum National Park

It’s often said that travelling is more about the journey than the destination - and if that’s true then you’ve probably never travelled at all until you experience the buzz of a trip on a tro-tro bus in Ghana. But the adventure certainly isn’t over when you arrive at your destination.

December 30, 2016


What We Offer

  • Talking Head or Interviews

    A simple and effective way of communicating ‘face to face’ with the viewer.

  • Informercials

    In today’s works if digital video marketing having a strong online presence is paramount. Let us make you a promotional video that really gets you notice.

  • Music Video

    A music video highlights the song and the Artist with a visual presentation to help the audience understand, enjoy the lyrical content of a song better.

  • Live Event

    An event is great for the people who came, but what if thousands more could be reached? Capture the magic on video, to let people re-live your event, even if they weren’t there.

  • Short Film

    When it come to the creation of cinematography, we bring our unique expertise in short film to broadcasters, platforms and brands to expand and diversify their offerings.

  • Viral Video

    Get other people to share your message across the world by making a vital video. Create a buzz around your brand and you won’t be easily forgotten.

  • Documentary

    Our goal is simply to entertain or delight your audience in some way. Whether it is human interest stories or perhaps, there is a unique character you'd like to profile.

  • Cooperate Event

    With event videos, you can capture the essence of what you do, by Filming one of your events and creating a great video for this who couldn’t too.

Our Work

Ghana meets Naija

Ghana music awards UK

African Fashion Week

Justina Mutale Foundation Scholarship